2018 Steel City Takeover - Pittsburgh, PA - Ticket & Tailgate for Non-Members
2018 Steel City Takeover - Pittsburgh, PA - Ticket & Tailgate for Non-Members 2018 Steel City Takeover - Pittsburgh, PA - Ticket & Tailgate for Non-Members


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2018 Steel City Takeover - Pittsburgh, PA - Ticket & Tailgate for Non-Members

For 25 years we have been dealing with black and gold infiltrating our stadium on game days whenever the Steelers came to town - how about this year we give them a taste of their own medicine by turning Heinz Field black and blue for a night??

While the schedule Goodells didn’t make it easy on us with a Thursday night trip to the Steel City, we are going to be representing with double the tailgate party (more on this in a minute) and an upper level block of tickets where we can sit TOGETHER and make an impact on the game. Imagine how Cam will feel when he Supermans into the endzone and gets to point to a section that’s filled with blue in a sea of terrible towels - we’ll even be giving out some blue rally towels to make ourselves stand out even more. We paid a little bit more for our tickets so that we could all sit together, which is unheard of in Pittsburgh, so if you want to save $15 and be stuffed in between two Steelers fans who look like walruses and smell like they just had a sandwich with french fries in it, that option is available. However, the Roaring Riot will all be sitting together - you’ll be able to hear us.

Since it’s a Thursday night, we’ll have to hit the ground running for a THREE HOUR tailgate party with food and drinks included at McFadden’s - if you don’t want to click through, we’ll have our own private space at a bar a stone’s throw from Heinz Field so we can nice and tuned up before the Panthers hit the field under the bright lights - we’ll march TOGETHER through the crowd (it’s a lot easier to cheer loud and proud when you’re surrounded by friendly faces in enemy territory). Then, after the Panthers whoop up on the Stillers, we’ll be headed back to McFadden’s for more partying where we’re buying your first drink and some snacks to soak up those victory sodas!

That’s right, we’re only there for one night so we had to do TWO parties!

Oh, and if you thought it was just the tailgates and the game, you're wrong because you'll be getting some of that legendary Roaring Riot swag to rep your whole time in Pittsburgh and to never forget one of the best experiences of your life! We've got some surprises up our sleeves this year, so you'll definitely want this SWAG in your HANDS!

Dates: 11/08/18
Ages: 21+ (this is a suggestion, not a requirement)

Package Includes:

    Ticket Details:

    • Upper level ticket with other Panthers fans in the Roaring Riot block

    Event Details:

    • Three Hour Pre-Game Tailgate Party in Private Event Space w/ Food & Drinks Included
    • Post-Game Party With Food & Drink Included
    • Safety In Numbers


    • Roaring Riot onsite event coordinator
    • Trip swag box and souvenirs

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      Ticket & Tailgate

      Members: $240
      Non-Members: $265