2019 ATL Takeover

ATLANTA, GA | December 7-8, 2018


We get it.

It’s Atlanta. It feels like we haven’t won there since Bobby freakin’ Hebert was in Atlanta, Arthur Blank is a jerk and the Coke Museum gave your Uncle Jimmy diabetus.

But we can tell you that if you want to do an away game trip and you’ve never been to Atlanta before, this is your year.

Two years ago, we couldn’t take the buses down because of the game falling on New Year’s Eve (and we got flexed) and last year the buses fizzled because of Hurricane Florence, but this year, we are ROCKING THE BUSES HARD! If you’ve never made the ride down I-85 to Atlanta with a couple hundred of your favorite Roaring Riot pals, you’ve been missing out.

We’ll have three options - you can find your own way down to Atlanta, catch the bus from uptown Charlotte or we can come scoop you in Spartanburg - either way, it’s going to be an unbelievable weekend where the players play.