Non-Members 2019 Houston Takeover - Entertainment
Non-Members 2019 Houston Takeover - Entertainment Non-Members 2019 Houston Takeover - Entertainment Non-Members 2019 Houston Takeover - Entertainment


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Non-Members 2019 Houston Takeover - Entertainment

Y’all. When we say we’ve got a special experience that’s going to happen for some folks in Houston, we really mean it.

Before we get into the experience, let’s get this out of the way: This game is going to be a barnburner. Deshaun Watson, Deandre Hopkins, JJ Watt, Cam Newton, Christian McCaffrey, Luke Kuechly - the stars go on and on and this is going to be such a fun time….if the schedule makers didn’t hate the Panthers so much, this would be a primetime matchup if we’ve ever heard of one. Oh, and our tickets are all together --- do you like midfield and lower level, because that’s where we’ll be.


We’ll be heading to tour the NASA Space Center Museum on an optional excursion which will include transportation and some brew dogs on the bus - this way, when you say “Houston, we have a problem” at the game on Sunday, you’ll know what you’re referring to.

Once you’re done effort-ing for the day - whether it’s seeing the NASA museum with us or just checking out the weird tunnels underneath downtown Houston, we’ll be hosting another EPIC Roaring Riot bar crawl where we’ll be taking care of the first drink and then chanting Keep Pounding and singing Sweet Caroline all throughout midtown Houston - a quick light rail ride away.

And, then - the highlight of the trip for most folks - the game between the Panthers and Texans. We’ll all take the light rail together over to NRG Stadium (our hotel is steps from the rail and then the stadium is right there). BUT FIRST, you know the Roaring Riot has to do what we do best….tailgate.

While the field pass option sold out within the first 12 hours of deposits being available, we’ve secured a reserved tailgate area in the Texans practice bubble (you can practice for when the bubble comes to Carolina) with high-end food and drinks included for three hours before the game starts.

Once we're done tailgating and getting nice and tuned up, we’ll all be sitting together in a ridiculous Roaring Riot block where you know JJ Watt and Deshaun Watson will hear those chants LOUD.

Oh, and if you thought it was just the weekend, you're wrong because you'll be getting some of that legendary Roaring Riot swag to rep all weekend and never forget one of the best experiences of your life! We've got some extra cool stuff this year, so you'll definitely want this SWAG in your HANDS!.

*Space City Riot Welcoming Party on Saturday with food and drinks included
*The Roaring Riot Tailgate party inside of the Texans' practice bubble with open bar and buffet 
*Only Upper level tickets remain at midfield
*Trip Swag
*Roaring Riot Onsite Coordinator

We get it. You don't have a ton of money to throw down on a trip that's five months away - that's why we offer the ROARING RIOT PAYMENT PLAN


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