Buffalo Takeover

A trip to Carolina North where we can eat all the wings we can handle, put people through some tables and experience a Buffalo tailgate in the dead of winter --- OH AND VERNON BUTLER WILL BE THERE TOO!?!?! 

This is gonna be dope.

We’ve booked a non-stop flight from CLT to BUF and if you’re traveling Riot Air (there ain’t that many daily flights to Upstate NY, so you definitely should), we’ll be riding in a luxury motorcoach to our three-star hotel in downtown Buffalo - don’t worry, we’ll take you back on the way out, too. 

You can fly by yourself and catch an Uber -- or you can let the Roaring Riot take care of everything and get your vacation started the second you step off the plane in the frigid northeast.

Yeah, it’s gonna be December in Buffalo -- but you know what? THAT IS GOING TO MAKE THIS EXPERIENCE THAT MUCH COOLER. Let us speak from experience that there's nothing more fun than filling your gloves and boots with warmers and yelling to keep yourselves warm - if it’s snows? That’s all part of the charm -- this is why you do Buffalo.

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