The Arizona Takeover

Panthers have had a lot of success out in the desert the past few years --- and this year will be no different! 

We’re taking the Riot Express (AKA a nonstop flight from CLT to PHX) to the mountain time zone and going to be taking over not one but TWO areas of the Phoenix area! Instead of downtown PHX, we’re going to be staying and partying it up in Old Town Scottsdale!

Before we get into the experience, let’s get this out of the way: You’ll want to see your (probably) 9-0 Panthers storm into Arizona and stomp the life out of Kyler Murray and his small hands. Sorry, Kliff, that air raid won’t work against Burns and Donte while you know Jaycee will have the #seatbelt on Nuk all DAY! All packages will include an lower level ticket for this cool stadium - trust us, it’s a fun one.