2018 Tailgate With A Purpose

 Tailgate with a Purpose is a not-for-profit event produced by the members of the Queen City Riot for all of the Roaring Riot members and their guests at all Carolina Panthers home games. 100% of the net proceeds from each event benefit various charity partners. Since 2015, Tailgate with a Purpose has raised over $66,000 for the Cam Newton Foundation, the Isabella Santos Foundation, Operation Smile, and the Keep Pounding Foundation.

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2018 Tailgate With A Purpose Schedule

Date Tailgate Start Time Opponent Food Sponsor
Sunday, Sept 9 12:00 PM Dallas Cowboys Southern Science
Sunday, Sept 23 10:00 AM Cincinnati Bengals City BBQ
Sunday, Oct 7 10:00 AM New York Giants Famous Toastery
Sunday, Oct 28 10:00 AM Baltimore Ravens Bojangles
Sunday, Nov 4 10:00 AM Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coming Soon
Sunday, Nov 25 10:00 AM Seattle Seahawks Coming Soon
Monday, Dec 17 5:00 PM New Orleans Saints City BBQ
Sunday, Dec 23 10:00 AM Atlanta Falcons Coming Soon



Q: What time does the tailgate start?
A: Tailgate with a Purpose starts three hours before the game. That means 10am for all 1pm games. Occasionally it will start a little earlier for prime time games, and if that’s the case it will be documented on social media and in our emailed Game Day Guide.  

Q: What all is included at the tailgate?
A: Food, waters, and soft drinks are provided for free at all tailgates. Premium beer, wine, and cocktails are provided at $2/drink. Remember, all net drink proceeds go directly to charity - so the more you drink, the more we donate!

Q: What kind of food is available?
A: For the 2018 season, we have partnered with several local restaurants to provide food at the tailgate. The partners are prepared to provide meals for 500 guests.

PRO TIP: We have more than 500 attendees each week. If you’re intending to eat at the tailgate, please make arriving early a priority. If you show up at 12p looking for food, you’re going to be sad.

Q: Can I use my leftover drink tickets at the next tailgate?
A: For security and management reasons we switch the format of the drink tickets each week, so therefore you can not use the previous weeks’ tickets. If the event runs out of beverages (hey, it happens) then you can request a refund onsite that day for any unused tickets. Or, you can feel just as happy knowing those unused tickets are still going to charity.

Q: Can I bring a guest? What if they’re fans of the opposing team?
A: Guests are permitted with a member for a $10 charity donation upon entry. Fans of other teams are welcome at the tailgates. Our only rule is no jerks, whether they’re Panthers fans or opposing team fans.

Q: Can I bring my own beers to the tailgate?
A: We do not allow any outside beverages due to the permits that are required for our tailgate space

Q: Where can I park?
A: We do not have any room for cars to park at the actual tailgate space. There are parking lots that surround the event space, but we aren’t familiar with how they operate. General rule - you can park really close to us if you want to pay a premium or you can walk 10-12 minutes and park for much less

Q: I’ve lost my membership card, what do I do?
A: A scanned membership card is required for entry. If you have lost your card you can purchase a replacement card. We will then deactivate your previous card and send you a new one. Buy a Replacement Card

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