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Chapter Legging Merchandise Submissions

As a Chapter of the Roaring Riot you are encouraged to create merchandise designs that best represent your city and members, while maintaining the vision and identity of the national Roaring Riot organization.

Our supplier partnerships allow us to create designs for almost any type of item that may be of interest. The benefits to this model are that you will not be required to buy any inventory of the products, have to worry about chasing down payments, manage shipping and distribution, or have a limited time to offer the items (the items will stay on the site as long as you would like them to).

Roaring Riot will also commission back 25% of the net revenue from items purchased to each respective Chapter.

Fill out the form below with all the information for your designs we will mock them up on the item and host them on You will have your own "store" to direct members to the Chapter-specific items for purchase.

Click here to see all available apparel styles.  

DTG (Direct to Garment) Process

There aren't many things our incredible DTG process cannot achieve! However, when choosing the colors for your artwork, it’s important to note that they may look different on a real product than what you see on your computer monitor. Even if you have calibrated your monitor to a specific color profile, there are various factors that influence the final appearance of colors on a printed product. Because of this, we can’t guarantee color accuracy 100%.

Photoshop and Illustrator files are best for processing.

Accepted file formats:

· Layer-based files: .PSD or .AI

· Image-based files: .JPG or .PNG

If color accuracy is important to you, we suggest email us at the desired results when printed on a physical product. We will verify that you file is correct before submission.