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Chapter Merchandise Submissions

As a Chapter of the Roaring Riot you are encouraged to create merchandise designs that best represent your city and members, while maintaining the vision and identity of the national Roaring Riot organization. Our supplier partnerships allow us to create designs for almost any type of item that may be of interest. The benefits to this model are that you will not be required to buy any inventory of the products, have to worry about chasing down payments, manage shipping and distribution, or have a limited time to offer the items (the items will stay on the site as long as you would like them to).

Roaring Riot will also commission back 25% of the net revenue from items purchased to each respective Chapter.

Click here for our brand guidelines that must be met for all merchandising submissions. Any submissions not meeting these guidelines will need to be revised. We will be reviewing and approving all submissions before posting on the site for sales. Please click here on the products below to submit products for review. Please submit all products here first. Please DO NOT submitted via email. Please allow 7-10 days for your products to go live after approval.  

Please send any questions to and we will be happy to help you!

For any products not listed we are happy to help you order these as well.  Please email us with those products.  

 Legging Submissions
Roaring Riot Leggings

Headwear Submissions 


 Phone Case Submissions 

Canvas Print Submissions