2018 Tampa Takeover - Tampa, FL - Tailgate Only for Non-Members
2018 Tampa Takeover - Tampa, FL - Tailgate Only for Non-Members


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2018 Tampa Takeover - Tampa, FL - Tailgate Only for Non-Members

Yes! YES! YES!

The schedule Goodells blessed us with a December game in Tampa (pay no attention to when the Cleveland game is) so we will be enjoying fun in the sun while the rest of the schmoes up north will be freezing their booties off. All of your coworkers will be commenting about how tan you look when you go back to work Tuesday (they’ll probably say you look tired from partying all weekend, but we digress) - we’ll be invading our old haunt Shephard’s Beach Resort in beautiful Clearwater Beach - if you’ve never done a #TampaTakeover with us before, THIS IS YOUR YEAR!

Hope you’re ready to roll early in the morning, because we’re leaving bright and early for an all-inclusive tailgate experience at Whiskey Joe’s ON THE BEACH with music, an open bar and plenty of food to soak up that booze.

Oh, and if you thought it was just the tailgate, you're wrong because you'll be getting some of that legendary Roaring Riot swag to rep all weekend and never forget one of the best experiences of your life! We've got some surprises up our sleeves this year, so you'll definitely want this SWAG in your HANDS!

Dates: 12/02/18
Ages: 21+ (this is a suggestion, not a requirement)

Package Includes:

  • Tailgate on the beach at Whiskey Joe's where we'll have the entire beach, DJ, Open Bar, Food - All Included. *Does not include transportation to the game*
  • Amazing Trip Swag!

We get it. You don't have a ton of money to throw down on a trip that's five months away - that's why we offer the ROARING RIOT PAYMENT PLAN

Down Payment: Only 33%

  • We'll spread the rest of the payment over the remaining months before the trip!
  • You'll be charged on the 15th of every month

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Non-Members: $125