2022 Seattle Takeover - Ticket Only
2022 Seattle Takeover - Ticket Only


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2022 Seattle Takeover - Ticket Only

Seattle feels weird - remember when we had that three-year stretch when it felt like a rivalry was brewing? When it was Cam vs. Russ and it felt like every game was a battle – battles that seemed like we won most of the time? 

Now things are a bit different in both spots, but with Ickey protecting the blind side of a QB better than Sam Darnold, things will be looking up QUICK in Carolina — and you know we’ve got a dope weekend in the Emerald City planned no matter what it looks like where the 12s live. A game in the environment at Lumen Field is definitely something on every football fan’s bucket list item - let’s get it checked off.


Want to join the fun but just need a ticket? Grab an upper level ticket in the Roaring Riot block and sit with other Panthers fans! Don't cheer for the Black and Blue alone!!!!

What’s Included:

  • Upper Level Game Ticket
  • We get it. You don't have a ton of money to throw down on a trip that's five months away - that's why we offer the ROARING RIOT PAYMENT PLAN


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