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Our mission is simple - to UNITE and GROW the largest community of Carolina Panthers fans across the world who enjoy gathering as a group for great events and showing support for the team. It doesn't matter where you are, if you share the same passion, enjoy being around other Panthers fans, and want to do your part to help "Change the Culture" then you're part of the Riot.


You can't beat us - but you can join us.


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The 2017 Season is Here!

Step up your tailgate game with the 2017 Tailgate Booster Pass!

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What do I get?

  • Private tailgate entrance
  • Special designated area within the tailgate space equipped with its own bar and Porta-Jon
  • Includes all drink tickets for the season and (hopefully) playoff games
  • Only 50 Booster Passes are available for the season
Buy a Booster Pass for the entire season now for only $250.00

Latest Gear

Roaring Riot "Got Rocked" Homecoming Gear
Carolina Helmet T
Blue Run CMC Christian McCaffrey Roaring Riot
SB51 Scoreboard Rally Towel

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