The Riot Act

The Riot Act

A Carolina Code of Conduct

Roar /rôr/ verb: to make full, deep, prolonged cry uttered by a large wild animal.
            Example: The crowd roared its approval.
Riot /rīət/ noun: an impressively large or varied display of something.
            Example: The woods are a riot of color in the autumn.
Roaring Riot: the very loud, active, and strong fan base of the Carolina Panthers.


Through your Roaring Riot membership, you are a member of the family that comprises the largest organized group of fans supporting the Carolina Panthers.  Our intent is to support the team in all of its endeavors, provide an overwhelming presence at each of the team’s contests, and to cheer with vigor in a peaceful and respectful manner.

As a part of the Roaring Riot, your conduct reflects the organization as a whole.  Your behavior, attitude, and actions are viewed by the public and media and are a reflection of Charlotte, NC and the Carolina Panthers organization.  Whether you are in Bank of America Stadium, participating in a Chapter watch-party or Chapter-led activities, or engaging in social media discussions it is your duty to conduct yourself in a courteous and polite fashion at all times.

Being a fan is about demonstrating passion and heart in support of your favorite team, and we should always strive to provide the Panthers with a competitive edge.  We can achieve that goal by holding ourselves, and our guests, to the following standards.

  1. Whether at home or away, cheer as loudly as possible. Remember to be extra loud while the Panthers are on defense and quiet during our offensive huddles. It is important to let them feel our presence.
  2. Promote respect with your words and actions. The best way to do this is by being the example.  You should never act in an outwardly negative or aggressive manner towards opposing fans, as they have the right to cheer for their team as well.  When in a disagreement with fellow Panthers fans, remember that it is okay to disagree and walk away.
  3. Welcome anyone seeking a better way of life by encouraging them to become a Roaring Riot member. As a fan, there is no better way to be a voice in a group that positively impacts the game and is recognized and supported by the players on the field. Grow the fan base; strengthen our voice.
  4. If you have tickets that you cannot use, make sure they go to fellow Panthers fans. Selling them to fans of the opposing team takes away from our team’s competitive edge by decreasing the energy felt by the players.  Tickets that you are passing along need to be awarded to our own brothers and sisters.
  5. Any form of discrimination, homophobia, racism, or sexism has no place in the Roaring Riot and will not be tolerated.

While we have five standards, we only have one rule.  HAVE FUN!  We strive to ensure that the Roaring Riot is second to none.  The National Football League, as well as all of its franchise teams, exists as a form of entertainment. The Roaring Riot aims to elevate that entertainment to the next level for Panthers fans. The only steadfast rule is to have fun!

Your participation in the Roaring Riot and adherence to the “Riot Act” is greatly appreciated! Go Panthers! 
#DoYouRiot #WeDoThis #ChangeTheCulture


If you believe that any member or chapter is acting outside of the “Riot Act”, please report your concern through email to
If you believe that a crime is occurring or has occurred, please notify the local authorities immediately
We reserve the right to investigate and potentially remove membership status from anyone not conducting themselves in a proper manner at any game, event, watch-party, or online