Cincinnati Takeover

We’ve got to be honest - we love these trips to midwest cities with football tradition where the team has a history of being kind of terrible but the tailgates are fun and the stadiums are walking distance to everything and there’s a chill in the air no matter what time of year it is. If you’ve been with us to Detroit, Cleveland or Green Bay you know what we mean - although the teams in Green Bay aren’t terrible and now, thanks to Joe Brrrrr, neither are the Bengals.

If you’re trying to cross NFL cities off your list, we always recommend AFC destinations and Cincy is no different - we probably won’t be back until 2030 when the Bengals are terrible again and not only have we got a heck of a weekend planned in the Fake-Queen-City, but we think this is going to be one of our most popular and fun Away Game Experiences of the year!!