Wattup Fam!

We hope that you’re all staying safe in this crazy year - we’ve really enjoyed putting these Homegatin’ boxes together for you for the first few games of the season. We think they’re pretty awesome (and the Panthers winning helps, too)!

In this edition of the Homegatin’ box that will help you cheer on the Panthers against Kirk Cousins and Stefon Diggs (we know he’s in Carolina North now but he’ll alway be the guy who beat the Saints to us), we’ve got it chock full of goodies - make sure you don’t miss out on anything that’s included. Once you scan the QR code on the hood of the box, you’ll have exclusive access to:


  • A cooking class and recipe for the Chicken Gyro from The Nappy Chef.
  • A cocktail class and recipe for a ‘Purple People Eater’’ from Bob Peters
  • A High-Res Copy Of Exclusive Homegatin’ Trip Art from John Hairston of All City Studios
  • A curated playlist available on both Spotify and Apple Music courtesy of our friends at Players List
  • A link to join the exclusive virtual watch party that’s only available to other Homegatin’ subscribers - be sure to be there before kickoff and join in our halftime cheers as well with other Roaring Riot chapters around the country - against KC we had a great time (even if some of us were on a delay lol)!

    That’s in addition to the cold-weather goodies and other swag that we hope have you feeling as close to shivering in the snow in Minnesota as we could get you - be sure to take some pics of your drinks and food and tag all of us on social so we can all be together this Sunday! Keep Pounding!


    Check Out The Nappy Chef!




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