2023 Jacksonville Takeover - Full Package (NM)
2023 Jacksonville Takeover - Full Package (NM)


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2023 Jacksonville Takeover - Full Package (NM)


You may not know this, but when the Roaring Riot booked a cabana in 2015, we weren’t sure we could fill it - and it sold out almost immediately. So we bought another one. And filled that one. And anotha one. And filled that one. And then all of a sudden we had filled ALL OF THEM. And we were bringing 500 Panthers fans to a Cat Fight in the River City – a Cat Fight that kicked off a Super Bowl season in the coolest way possible. 

This year, we’re looking to bring that many people and not kick off the season, but finish off the year in the best way possible. 

The NFL designed to put our return to the cabanas on New Years Eve, so we’ve put together some of the best parties you can imagine for one of the coolest weekends of your life.

Instead of our usual Friday-Monday Experience, we’re switching the schedule up to accommodate not only sleeping off a NYE hangover but because this game JUST MIGHT GET FLEXED TO MONDAY NIGHT (we won’t count any chickens but a former #1 pick against the last #1 pick in a game that might have serious playoff implications could be prettttyyyy juicy).

So we’ll roll into town Saturday - we’ve got direct flights from CLT to JAX - and if you’re flying with us, we’ve got transportation to the hotel covered…and if you’re curious, we’re staying RIGHT ON THE BEACH. It might not be Roaring Riot Cruise weather but it’s still gonna be fun to lounge in the sand and drink out of our Bryce Up Son koozies. Saturday night we’ll be throwing a Welcome Party with food & drinks included.

Sunday is the main event (unless the game gets flexed to Monday, in which case we’re drinking all day and watching football at a beach sports bar together) because we’re heading to EverBank Field and we’ve got a couple of different options for you.

First off, we’re going to have a dope tailgate with the Bold City Brigade - those guys may cheer for the wrong team, but they know how to get down - with food, drinks and entertainment included.

Then, you have two seating options for the game. 

You can join us in the cabanas for all-inclusive VIP food & drinks for an hour before the game and for the entire game including the fourth quarter (oh, and there’s pools and bikinis and everything else you’ve seen in the pictures) —- it’s truly a bucket list NFL experience. We only have a set amount of these tickets available so if you’re on the fence, DON’T WAIT.

If the cabanas sell out or you’re not exactly in shape for bathing suit season, we’ve also got a block of lowers that will be fun too….and if you want to wear a Speedo down there, no one's gonna stop you (**please note, someone will probably stop you**)

Once the game is over (you thought that was it?) we’ll head back to the beach to count down Bryce’s first year as QB with food, drinks and party favors included (after a good nap, obviously). 

When you wake up in 2024, we can relive the incredible day we had with a full breakfast on our tab, head back upstairs to take another nap before hanging out on the beach and watching Monday Night Football together — and if we’re playing on Monday Night, just move those last couple paragraphs to right here (it’s a little confusing but the point is, don’t worry about it, we’ve got it handled, the weekend’s gonna be incredible, plan to be there Saturday-Tuesday and let’s bust into 2024 the right way).

Each trip comes with a $25 Uber card for you to explore Jax although you might just save it since we’re staying at THE BEACH BAYBEE.

Oh, and if you thought it was just the weekend, you're wrong because you'll be getting some of that legendary Roaring Riot swag to rep all weekend and never forget one of the best experiences of your life! We've decided to commemorate EVERY TRIP with a different shirt this year, so you'll definitely want this SWAG in your HANDS!

Book your trip before September 1 and receive a commemorative River City Takeover 2023 Coin which will only be available to those who attend the Jacksonville Takeover!

What’s Included:

  • Direct flight from CLT to JAX (flight packages only)

  • Transportation to/from the airport (flight packages only)

  • Three nights at a 4-Star hotel at Jacksonville Beach

  • Saturday Night Welcoming Party with food and drinks included

  • Transportation to/from JAX Beach to the tailgate and game

  • Roaring Riot Tailgate with food, drinks, and entertainment included

  • Poolside Cabana Game Ticket (includes open bar and food one hour before the game and for the entire duration of the game – including the 4th quarter) (Cabana packages only)

  • Lower level ticket to the game in the Roaring Riot block (200 level)

  • New Years Eve party in JAX Beach with food, drinks, and favors included

  • New Years Day full breakfast

  • Trip swag, including one of our EXCLUSIVE 2023 Away Game Experience T-Shirts (only available on each respective trip and designed specifically for that trip)

  • On-site Roaring Riot trip coordinator

We get it. You don't have a ton of money to throw down on a trip that's five months away - that's why we offer the ROARING RIOT PAYMENT PLAN


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    Three $1499
    Two $1639
    One $2049


    Non-Flight + Three Nights Hotel + Lower Level

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    Four $889
    Three $959
    Two $1099
    One $1519